Jessica "Jess"  Bradford Edit

Jess Bradford
Name: Jessica Bradford
Known aliases: Jess or Ms. Bradford either one
Gender: Female
Birth: 17 April 1951
Death: She Is Currently Alive
Portrayed By: Olivia Hussey
First Appearance: Black Cristmas 1974

Jess Bradford is or was a sorority house member of Pi Kappa Sig before the sorority house was broken into by a disoriented man who hid in their attic until Christmas Eve and killed three sorority sisters, a police officer, the house mother, and a young girl in the park. Before the events above, Jess and her friends recieved many threatening and sexually harassing and offending phone calls in which most were used by making several different voices: A wailing man's, a crying little girl's, a crying woman's, and a very disoriented man's voices, along with some very disturbing noises. During an annual Christmas party, the girl's recieved a phone call in which they all listened in, with Jess being the answerer of the call, calling the caller "the Moaner", as they had obviously been recieving these various calls before hand. Jess's fellow house sister, Barbera Coard, told the caller to "go stick his tongue in a wall socket", and a "fucking creep!". This provoked the caller to say "I'm going to kill you", which also disturbed Jess. Jess was so disturbed by the calls that she made a call to the Police and had the phone tapped to track the calls. Jess recieved one last phone call before being notified that the caller was in the house with her. Sgt. Nash ordered Jess not to go upstairs, she did anyway, despite his orders. While Jess ventured upstairs, she searched for her friends, finding the bodies of Barb and Phil Carson, bloody and mangled by the man now known as Billy. While Jess looks at her friends' bodies in horror and disgust she discovers that there is another person in the room, alive. She sees an eye peeping out from behind the door, Billy, who whispers "Don't tell what we did Agnes..." to which Jess responds by pushing the door back on the intruder, enraging him and sending him into pyschotic frenzy. Jess runs downstairs into the main hallway, attempting to escape through the front door, but realizes it's stuck. Meanwhile, Billy gives chase and races downstairs after her. Jess heads for the basement, but the killer grabs her hair and pulls her down. Jess manages to escape, crawling into the basement with a fire poker for protection. She shuts the door just before Billy can reach her, locking the door and gripping the fire poker tightly. Billy beats on the door and yells in a pyschotic rage. The killer appears to leave the house through the locked front door and Jess's ventures into the basement. Jess's boyfriend Peter, who threatened her earlier about a planned abortion, appears and Jess kills him, believing him to be the killer. The police are alerted by Jess's screams and come to the rescue, only to put an unconscious Jess to sleep and accidentally leave her in the house with the real killer, who is very much alive and in the attic with the two undiscovered bodies of Mrs. MacHenry and Clare Harrison, two of Pi Kappa Sig's former residents. The phone begins to ring again as the outside of the house is shown and Jess's fate is left ambiguous.

Personality Edit

Jess seems to be a very motherly and caring figure but also a bit naive due to the fact that she has gotten pregnant from Peter but also responsible as she takes control of the situation by saying she will have an abortion. Jess also seems to be very caring for her friends, as she ventures upstairs to save them, although they have already met their horrible fates. Jess also seemed to be less flamboyant than her fellow housemates, Barb Coard, Phyllis Carson, and Clare Harrison, all of whom had very flamboyant attitudeds and very crude decor in their rooms. Jess seemed to have an innocence about her during the film. Although Jess is not very resourceful, she is very smart and very quick witted, as shown when she manages to subdue Billy when she pushed the door back on him. Jess also appears to be very calm as shown when she discovers the intruder in the house and when he chases her into the basement and tries to break through the door. Jess is also very emotional and is shown to be close with her fellow sisters and Mrs. MacHenry. This is shown in different parts of the film such as when she discovers her friends' mangled bodies and when she passes out after Peter appears for the last time.

Fate Edit

Although Jess's fate is left ambiguous, there are different theories as to what happened to Jess in the aftermath. During an interview with Bob Clark, the director, he stated that if he made a sequel to Black Christmas, the killer would be caught and return to Pi Kappa Sig to finish his work and to catch and kill Jess once and for all. Jess could also have been killed as Jess might have been the Agnes that Billy talked about during his terrifying phone calls that Jess suffered and that seemed to mean that Jess was his main goal or so it appeared.